of Big Santa Anita Canyon


By Billy Orville Taylor
 "Ajax Moon" (Mike Pauro), official canyon Appalachian fiddler and owner of cabin #80, which is located next to the stream crossing on your way to Sturtevant Falls, was having his morning cup of coffee after spending the night at his cabin.

That crossing, next to Mike's cabin, was dubbed Fiddlers Crossing for obvious reasons.

On this particular morning Mike was setting on his deck with his legs dangling over the edge, cup of coffee at his side and playing his fiddle while enjoying the stream, the morning and the canyon.

An early morning hiker came by and stopped to enjoy Mike's music.  After a while the hiker thanked Mike for the music, stuffed a dollar bill in his half full cup of coffee, turned, crossed the stream and headed up the trail for Sturtevant Falls.

Mike was more than a tad surprised!  He said the dollar wrecked a fifty cent cup of coffee and he still had to get up and get another cup as well as lay out the brown stained dollar bill to dry.  It was a break even deal, but Mike was delighted his music was appreciated.

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