Big Santa Anita Canyon
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Parking Info for Large Groups

Our canyon has limited parking, there are only 3 lots and the canyon is very popular with hikers.  The lots all fill up early in the morning on weekends, although on weekdays there is usually a lot of space available.  Whether you go up on a weekend or weekday in either case it is highly recommended to carpool or rent a bus.

Large groups often rent buses.  The bus comes up, drops everyone off and then goes away awaiting the pickup. This can be done on a week day or weekend. You cannot actually park the bus in any lot without a special permit from the Forest Service which requires calling them and arranging it ahead of time.  Regardless, it is difficult to find enough parking spots in a row to find parking for a bus during the week.  This absolutely impossible no matter what time during the weekend.

There is often parking available at the pack station for a $5.00 fee, and an Adventure Pass is not required to park there.  For large groups please make arrangements in advance -

In case you find the lots completely filled, parking is allowed on the road, but each car MUST be entirely behind the white lane or it will be ticketed by the Forest Service, or towed if it blocks the road.  Each car must also display a Forest Service Adventure Pass or it will be ticketed, whether it's on the road or in one of the lots.