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Cabin Photos by E. B. Gray

In the 1920's cabin owner and photographer E.B. Gray compiled a portfolio of the cabins of Big Santa Anita Canyon.  These nine photos are part of a collection of 55 original photos found in memorabilia left to the BSAC Permitee's Association by Dennis Lonergan when he sold the pack station in 2000.  They are thought to have been discovered in Louis Luebkerk's cabin (#77) after his death.

Can you help us identify any of these cabins?
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Unidentified Cabin 1

Unidentified Cabin 2

Unidentified Cabin 3

Unidentified Cabin 4
Identified 12/06/10 as Cabin 29 by the current owner of Cabin 29

Unidentified Cabin 5

Unidentified Cabin 6

Unidentified Cabin 7

Unidentified Cabin 8

Unidentified Cabin 9
These cabins very likely no longer exist, but if anyone viewing these pictures recognizes any of the cabins, please let us know.
All cabins in the rest of the collection of photos are known, just these are left to identify.  Please help.

Cabins page 1
Cabins page 2 Cabins page 3

Last updated 3/7/2006