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Cabin Photos by Steve Burns

Photographer's Statement

These cabins are relics of the early 20th Century.  They are the last of the hundreds of cabins from the Recreational Era of the San Gabriels.  Eighty-one remain. Some simple and plain, others ornate and exquisitely crafted.  They are as different as the fingerprints of the men and women who built them.  Escaping fire and flood throughout the decades, they remain with us today as monuments to a time gone by.  With supplies brought into the canyons by burro, they exist much as they did in the days when Jim Heasley, Charley Chantry and Bill Adams led the great mule trains of the past into the hills.
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Cabin 115

Cabin 1

Cabin 17

Cabin 46

Cabin 67

Cabin 80

Cabin 138

Cabin 83

Cabin 7
Steve Burns is a cabin owner and member of the Board of Directors of the Permittees Association.  He has hiked the trails of the canyon for more than 25 years and has recently begun the project he had long contemplated; to photograph the Cabins of the Big Santa Anita.

His silver gelatin prints are available to cabin owners as well as to the general public.  Examples of his work are on display at Lizzies Trail Inn in Sierra Madre.

For more information, contact him at :

Cabins page 1
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Last updated 3/7/2006