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From the 1890's through the mid 1920's cabins were built in Big Santa Anita Canyon.
They are privately owned and under the terms of the Forest Service lease the owners are not permitted to rent them, but Sturtevant's Camp rents cabins and  lodges to groups and individuals who are willing to hike the five miles in to the Camp. 
For information about rentals there call 760 249-4626 and for reservations call 626 568-7333

Rarely a cabin will come up for sale.  Check our Cabins For Sale page for more info.

The Dining Hall at Sturtevant's Camp

photo by Steve Burns

Photographs courtesy of

E. Steve McNiel, 1997
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Cabins page 1
Cabins page 2
Cabins page 3

Last updated 7/13/2011