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Adventure Pass

What is an Adventure Pass?

It's a recreation pass for visitors using the Angeles, Cleveland, Los Padres and San Bernardino National Forests.  The Pass will be displayed on the visitor's vehicle.    Visitors can purchase either a day pass ($5) or annual pass ($30).

Where can I purchase the Adventure Pass?
You can purchase an Adventure Pass at any Ranger Station or at many Sporting Goods Stores.   For more information or a place near you to purchase the Adventure Pass, please click on this link: Adventure Pass.  (This link will open in a new browser window.   To return to BSAC, please close that new window.)

Who will need to purchase a pass?
All Forest visitors will be required to display the Pass in their vehicles when parked on the Forest for recreational purposes.  You will not need a Pass when your are traveling through the Forest but not stopping, when your are parked at your residence or at an organization camp/resort, or in an area covered by a site specific use fee.    For example site fees are already being charged at campgrounds and ski resorts.   Therefore an Adventure Pass would not be required.
A Pass is not required for people stopping for information at the Ranger Stations, visitor centers and other Forest Service offices, or for off-road vehicles with green sticker registration.  Educational institutions, such as schools that bring children to the Forest for outing, are also exempt.

How will the fees be used?
Traditionally, fees collected are returned to the US Treasury.   In this pilot program, at least 80% of the funds collected will be returned to the local Forest for invested in maintaining an improving recreation sites and facilities, an in protecting the Forest resource and habitat.   Most importantly you will have a say in how the money should be spent.  With both the daily and annual pass is a questionnaire to allow visitors to tell the Forest how the money should be spent and comments about the pilot program.