Big Santa Anita Canyon
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The best way to explore this beautiful canyon is on foot, horseback, or bicycle.  Over forty miles of trails wind through the area, with many leading to bubbling brooks, spectacular views, and places of quiet solitude.   Wildlife is abundant, and it is not uncommon to see animals along the trails, including rattlesnakes and ticks. Lyme Disease has been detected in the canyon.  Poison Oak is everywhere.  Be careful when hiking!
Sturtevant's Falls, one of the highest waterfalls in the forest (55 feet), is a popular 1 ¾ mile hike in Big Santa Anita Canyon.  Start at Chantry Flat and descend into the canyon via the Gabrielino Trail.  People who have strayed from the trails have been severely injured by falling. Do not try to climb the steep rocksides!
The trail continues all the way to the top of Mt. Wilson, a strenuous hike of about six miles.  Mt. Wilson Skyline Park offers a spectacular view across the Los Angeles Basin to the Pacific Ocean, and is a great place for a picnic.  One of the world's largest telescopes is located at Mt. Wilson, and millions receive radio and television broadcasts beamed from transmission towers located there.
Chantry Flat is at the end of the paved road.  The pack station that hauls supplies in and out of the canyon for Sturtevant's Camp and the cabin owners is located just above the parking lots.  They maintain a snack bar where water and sodas and other snacks may be purchased.  Although quiet on weekdays, weekends get busy.  Parking is restricted to designated spaces only (no parking on the road).
Hoegee's and Spruce Grove Trail Camps offer a chance to camp in quiet, remote settings not accessible by car.  Sites provide stoves, tables, and restrooms.  Chantry Flat and Cascade Picnic Area (upstream from Sturtevant Falls), also offer beautiful picnic sites.

Stringent fire restrictions prohibit all stoves and fires in the canyon.  Check at the Arroyo Seco District office for current fire restrictions.  To report a fire or other emergency, phones are available at Chantry Flat and Mt. Wilson -  dial 911.  In Big Santa Anita Canyon, you may use one of the old emergency phones which will connect you with the Pack Station at Chantry Flat.

Last updated 9/24/2010